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* Do you know what the SPF record is?

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One of the TXT records is the Sender Policy Framework record or SPF record. It serves excellently for email server verification of your domain. It can substantially reduce the number of your outgoing emails going to spam.

You can find an SPF record example here!

Two components are important when you are creating a SPF record. First, you indicate the domain, and then you point it to the right mail server. While doing so, you can add an extra mechanism that indicates additional information for the receiver.

How to create an SPF record?

SPF is a great tool to prevent spoofing and boost the reliability of your email server.

With a simple SPF record, you can stop cyber attackers who pretend to send emails from your behalf. This can return the confidence in your brand and domain. It will also reduce the number of your emails, which are directly going into the SPAM folder.